Tour Guide and the law

Moti Barness a tour guide and the law


My mother tongue is Hebrew, and I had lots of difficulties to learn English. My English teacher Mrs. Robinson each day when she entered class used to say “good morning class, Mr. Barness out!” But whyyyyyyy??? I did not do anything I whined with a big smile. Yes you are right but you are going to do, and disturb us all and I do not want you in my class, shalom out! This is how I started learning English but later on when I needed to use my first book in English – a guide book for the birds of Israel, that at that time exist only in English, I had to learn English, watching English speaking movies, in Israel we do not use dubbing, 7 years in Nigeria, 2 years in California and 1 year in London force me to learn English. Today I fill that I can manage in English and not more than that, so excuse my English and I’ll be happy to get your comments.

Supreme Court

Supreme Court of Israel

First time I felt injustice done to me was when the second Intifada broke out  October 2000 and the General of the center command shut down my business – Desert Safari tours in the Judean Desert located at the West Bank. My expertise as tour guide is the Judean Desert all the Bedouins, all the wiled life knows Moti the tour guide.


3 times I petitioned  to the Supreme Court  against the mighty General , which is the actual governor of the West Bank, as I could not run my business as a tour guide,  and 3 times I lost, but I learn my power as an Israeli that the Supreme Court is on my side always to defend my rights! I love the Judges, they listen to my complains better then my wife.


The General realize that I’m a supper nagger and in the end he issued a procedure how one can enter the military training zone when the I.D.F troops are not training in the area. By the time pass the procedures became more and more complicated for a private tour guide so today I just follow “Moti the Naughty procedures”   and what ever I think it is right to do this what I’m doing and the General always can meet me in the court.


I realized that the government bureaucracy is crazy, is illegal, is depressing, mainly because of short sight of the Civil Servants but also because of pure corruption and favoritism the many powerful Monopolies in Israel!  I changed the course of my life and I started a Crusade against the evil forces of the Bureaucrats and corrupted Civil Servants.  As an Israeli born 1955 I do not know fear, I can always tell you about the 22 enemy tanks I shot in Yom Kippur 73 war and I do not accept any hassle from any Civil Servant! The crazy myth of Masada zealots is too deep in my system and my slogan is “Victory or Death” well theoretically only!


Supreme Court Petition 7006/07 was my first victory which gave me the inspiration to continue, Moti and 2 colleague friends against Ministry of Transportation, I did the appeal and presented the case at court,  for not allowing self import of cars as tour guides. It was a defeat to Ministry of Transportation policy to favor the Auto Dealers which in Israel are Monopolies, each car manufacture have only 1 dealer, sometime this dealer represent more then 1 car manufacture. Professor Zelicha, which I admire, name it  “Oligopoly”  as he see that one can buy a different type of car from different dealer, but for me, my colleagues and all self employed citizens that need a specific car, the dealers have monopoly power on us. Their power is so strong that not only that they use their it to increase the price but also to steal some of our Tax exemption money!

Tour Car at Wadi Sodom

Tour Car at Wadi Sodom

Mr. Avner Flor (he is an environmental engineer) the Car Department manager of the ministry of transportation use all is power and all  his legal and not legal tricks to shut our mouth but the only thing he managed to do is to postponed the court ruling, but because of his misbehavior he opened a frontier with me for life!


I met him again in the Kneset the Israeli parliament, when he tried to do his tricks not only to tour guides but also to all self-employed in Israel! The issue is not yet finished but I hope in the next future the Knesset is going to vote for allowing all self-employed to do self import of cars.


To my opinion the only motivation of Mr. Avner Flor to favor the Auto Dealers on the common people is pure corruption!  No other explanation is possible. Meanwhile he was promoted to be the vice GM of Ministry of Transportation and we are going to meet again.


Administrative petition in regional court of Tel Aviv  9327-07-12 against Ministry of Transportation that introduce a European car standard  on American Van which tour guides use as a Tour Car.  The internal height need to be at least 150cm when the American Van is less .


The Judge accepted the “Professionalism” of ministry of transportation and rule to close the case.  I appealed to Supreme Court which order the Ministry of Transportation to check its decision!


The ministry stand on its decision and we are going to meet in court again.

Tour Car - Van

Tour Car – Van


Administrative petition in regional court of Jerusalem  12895-02-12 against Ministry of Transportation, the evil Civil Servant in ministry of transportation lost again, tour guide can register a cooperative association for Tour Car registration purposes with no need for parking, no need for special tour advisor and no need municipality business license.   I’m saving to my colleagues tour guides which use tour cars thousands of Shekels per year and in total it create lost for the Tour car companies of millions of Shekels, no surprise that they hate me.


Administrative petition in regional court of Jerusalem  9966-12-12 against Ministry of Transportation for discrimination between tour guide which operate a tour car and a Taxi driver, I won again and the stupid regulation for car safety officer which cost us time and money was canceled.


If you have free time on November 14th 2016  9:30 am meet me in Supreme Court to hear my petition against the Police 8158/15 that do not allow tour guide operating special 4WD tour car to drive on main highways when its snow.